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Hot-shot commercials director Dag (actor Ron Eldard from Bastard Out of Carolina, MIFF 1997) lives in a SoHo loft with his girlfriend Halley (Kyra Sedgwick). The pair often find themselves nursing the ego of their gormless friend Peter, whose only claim to fame is that he plays the 'Peanut Butter Eagle' in a corny TV ad. When Dag falls into bed with Peter's girlfriend, Rebecca (Marisa Tomei), a chain of events is set in motion that results in three funerals but no wedding.

An official selection at the 2002 Berlin Film Festival, Just a Kiss has a great deal of fun with the notion that cockeyed destiny turns the lives of two young couples inside out. Actor-director Fisher Stevens (Bob Roberts, Reversal of Fortune), has crafted a stylish comedy that blends sex, multiple indiscretions, some more sex and an amazing twist of fate. Sometimes the universe turns nasty when you can't keep your trousers on.

"Woody Allen dialogue with a sprinkling of Spike Jonze surrealism.'' - Screen International

Fisher Stevens (1963, Chicago) began his career as actor, producer and now director in 1981 with The Burning. He has performed in over three dozen films including Accidental Hero (1992), Cold Fever (1994) and Hackers (1995). In addition, Stevens has appeared in numerous TV series including Friends, Frasier and Law and Order.


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