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"The Trespasser went down so well when it screened at Sundance 2002 (it picked up the best Latin American feature prize) that director and co-writer Beto Brant was approached for US remake rights and directing jobs. The fast-paced, searing thriller highlights the gulf between the rich and the poor in contemporary Brazil with the help of excellent cinematography and a Brazilian rap soundtrack." - Screen International

Fifteen years have passed since Estavão, Ivan and Gilberto graduated from engineering and founded a successful building company together. All runs smoothly until an incessant argument about management escalates and Estavão - the majority shareholder - threatens to pull out of the partnership. Their backs against the wall, the other two hire a hit man named Anísío to do the dirty deed. But Anísío is not what he seems, and soon he's confronting the men with the made-to-order violence they mistakenly believed they could control. In search of further riches, he seduces the wealthy daughter of the partner he has just killed.

Beto Brant (born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1964) studied film at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado before directing several short films. He attracted international attention with his first two features, Os Matadores (1997) and Ação Entre Amigos (1998). The Trespasser is his third feature.