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Directors Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau enchanted MIFF audiences with their two previous films, Funny Felix (MIFF 2000) and Jeanne and the Perfect Guy (MIFF 1998). Their new film is equally charming, as we
follow the journey of an adolescent's sexual awakening through the lens of his own camera.

For his sixteenth birthday, Etienne receives a video camera from his grandmother. Intrigued with the possibilities that this new gadget offers, he begins to film his daily life; at home, at school and at a skating rink, where he is training for an upcoming competition. Of particular interest are his friend Ludovic, and his adventures with girls, and his geography teacher, Laurent. As he continues filming, Etienne's confusion at his newfound sexual upheaval is recorded in truthful episodes.

The film utilises a 'home-video' - approach what we see is what Etienne's camera captures - that effectively highlights the teen's innocence and discovery.