ALL THE REAL GIRLS (2003) [Feature]

USA (MIFF 2003 , International Panorama)
Director: David Gordon Green

"In his lyrical second feature, David Gordon Green (George Washington, MIFF 2000) astonishes and delights with the distinctiveness of his cinematic voice and the depth of his genuine, contoured characters. Green and his trusted collaborators boldly plumb fertile emotional territory; the instinctive, ineffable intoxication of first love and the risk of getting too close.

"Twenty-two-year-old Paul lives with his beloved mum and works as a grease monkey in a broken down North Carolina mill town. Charming, smart, unambitious, he has a devoted circle of rowdy friends and a reputation as the town's callous heartbreaker. When he meets his best friend's sister Noel, fresh from boarding school graduation, the two fall into a perfect, real, terrifymg love.They share innermost secrets and inhabit a sweet, dreamy bubble of mutual admiration and understanding. But soon the perfection is too weighty, the bubble too delicate.

"Eschewing love story cliches, All the Real Girls is excruciatingly authentic and tender while intelligently refusing to explain away complex human emotion. With music by Will Oldham and Mogwai."—Sundance Fiim Festival

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