RAGE (2002) [Feature]

France (MIFF 2003 , International Panorama)
Director: Karim Dridi

This fiery romance-cum-underworld saga was snapped up for the Berlin Film Festival this year. Forbidden love clashes with issues of people smuggling, illegal bare-knuckle fights and Gallic triads. Chinh, the softly-spoken daughter of Cambodian immigrants, is treated like a beautiful pet by the arrogant Tony Tran, son of a prominent (and not quite legitimate) businessman. Raphael, a former champion boxer now struggling to keep his small automotive business afloat, becomes enamoured of Chinh, oblivious of the extremely dangerous repercussions his romantic attentions will have.

Tautly scripted, expertly photographed, exotic and erotic, Rage brings together the elements of a timeless story of lovers torn between family allegiance and burning hearts.

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