THE WIND WILL CARRY US (1999) [Feature]

Iran/France (MIFF 2003 , Abbas Kiarostami - Iranian Master)
Director: Abbas Kiarostami

The cinema of Abbas Kiarostami has a warm, humanist heart. His latest work serves to further his enviable reputation as one of world cinema's masters.

The Wind Will Carry Us revolves around the lives of four strangers who arrive from Tehran for a short stay at a remote picturesque village in Iranian Kurdistan. Ostensibly, the strangers are looking for treasure, however, their true intentions are hidden from the villagers. Placing themselves in surroundings alien to them, the strangers find that the resolution to their quest is not as simpfe as they had originally hoped.

Evocative and direct, The Wind Will Carry Us is constructed with a soulful serenity. Employing a simplicity of structure and method that belies the depth of his vision, Kiarostami has created a moving and unique work of art.

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