PERFECT STRANGERS (2003) [Feature]

New Zealand (MIFF 2003 , Regional Focus)
Director: Gaylene Preston

When Melanie (Rachael Blake, Lantana, MIFF 2001) goes home from the pub with the best looking bloke (Sam Neill) there, she is more than pleased with herself. After a night of revelry, she passes out on his boat and is sailed away to his 'castle'—a rundown shack on a deserted island. Melanie's passion for the man quickly subsides, however, and romance turns to rage, as she realises she has been kidnapped. Escape is Melanie's only available option, but her suitor has other plans.

With stunning photography of the remote west-side of New Zealand's South Island, and captivating performances by AFI-award winning actors Blake and Neill (his first role in a New Zealand film since The Piano), this chilling romance is a haunting film experience. Featuring new music by Neil Finn.

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