GOZU (2003) [Feature]

Japan (MIFF 2003 , Regional Focus)
Director: Miike Takashi

This Cannes Directors' Fortnight selection relates the story of Ozaki, a senior Japanese gangster whose increasingly peculiar behaviour is beginning to worry his Yakuza superiors. When Ozaki interrupts a gang meeting to voice his concerns that the Chihuahua staring through the window has been sent to kill them—and then proceeds to take some drastic security measures against the fluffy canine—his boss decides it's best to get rid of him.The task falls to Minami who, tormented by the dilemma of having to kill his beloved comrade, is a ball of nerves. He almost botches the job and then the body disappears into thin air. When Minami ducks into a diner to steady his nerves he is greeted by a parade of cross-dressers, lunatics, lactating mothers and skin disease sufferers. Minami has slipped through the looking glass ...

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