South Korea (MIFF 2003 , Emergence)
Director: Park Chan-ok

Wongsang is a struggling student, living in a single room and working part-time as a plumber while finishing his thesis in literature. He dreams of studying abroad, but his financial situation is not particularly rosy, and to make matters worse his girlfriend just dumped him. When he is offered a relatively junior job as a magazine writer he jumps at the opportunity. However his new boss, Yoonshik, is the guy who stole his girlfriend—and has since dumped her. Initially bitter, Wongsang sticks with the job and soon becomes Yoonshik's personal assistant and trustworthy protege.

One day on assignment, Wongsang meets freelance photographer Sungyeon, and smitten by her carefree and independent spirit, he persuades her to take a job at the magazine. His hopes for romance seemed dashed, however, when Yoonshik takes a shine to the new employee.

With understated humour and a gradual building of palpable tension, this feature from Park Chan-ok was the worthy winner of the prestigious Tiger award for best debut film at Rotterdam this year.

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