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One Christmas Eve, young housewife Mi-Heun has her world thrown into disarray when she uncovers her husband's infidelity. Unable to cope with the change in her seemingly idyllic existence, she becomes afflicted with migraines. Driven by guilt and a desire to mend the domestic discord, Mi-Huen's husband decides to relocate them to a peaceful town, Butterfly Ville. Once there, Mi-Huen soon meets an attractive, yet melancholic, doctor and is propositioned with a dangerous game of sex that would never allow for love. Initially reticent, she embraces the opportunity and an intense affair begins that is both dangerous and alluring.

Told with refreshing honesty and imbued with sensitivity, Ardor is the debut feature from Byun Young-joo. At the front wave of young female directors from South Korea, Byun's work in documentaries has enabled her to instill the film with a realistic, emotional core.

"I wanted to show just how an intense love can be and how captivating love is because of it. This kind of love ... can change lives passionately and dramatically"—ByunYoung-joo