NO ONE’S ARK (2002) [Feature]

Japan (MIFF 2003 , Brain Monkey Sushi)
Director: Yamashita Nobuhiro

Japan in the 90s: the decade of the bubble that burst. A young couple, Daisuke and Akajiru, fail to launch their 'health drink' in the city, and so they retreat to the provincial town where Daisuke grew up and attempt a 'relaunch'. Again their efforts come up short, as the townsfolk simply find the drink quite disgusting. Undeterred, the young lovers press on ...

No One's Ark is about the character and tempo of small-town life, and in particular about a certain type of contemporary relationship, the 'sticking together out of habit but with no real intention of marrying and breeding' kind. With expert handling, talented young director Yamashita Nobuhiro has crafted a very knowing, funny examination of a generation's struggle to find its place. If Jim Jarmusch was a twenty-something Japanese hot-shot, No One's Ark would have been the result.

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