PARASITE DOLLS (2002) [Feature]

Japan (MIFF 2003 , Animation Gallery)

Those familiar with the universe of Bubblegum Crisis:Tokyo 2040 will immediately recognise the hi-tech dystopia of Parasite Dolls, a film sure to terrify and outrage with its depiction of rogue robots, criminal conspiracy and anime mayhem!

This first-rate Japanime marshals the creative forces of co-directors Naoyuki Yoshmaga (Patlabor) and Kazuto Nakazawa (El Hazard, Bubblegum Crisis). A machine-like, sub-human species called 'Boomers' have been created to service the needs of their homosapien masters. Initially used for drudge work and perilous industrial occupations, the uncannily lifelike Boomers have been diverted into prostitution, various criminal enterprises and eventually, terrorism. A special branch of the A.D. Police is charged with the liquidation of out-of-control, illegally modified Boomers but is becoming apparent that nefarious human puppet-masters are really pulling the strings.

Brutal corporate over-lords plot a dark and savage social engineering project that would make Dubya proud. When the A.D. Police come close to sniffing out clues, the body count escalates and no one—cop, citizen or robot—is safe.

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