USA (MIFF 2003 , Documentaries)
Directors: Sam Green, Bill Siegel

Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, The Weather Underground is a complete and unflinching history of the extreme militant group that caused one of the biggest manhunts in FBI history. "When you feel you have right on your side, you can do some pretty horrific things." Unsatisfied with the lack of direct action by anti­war activists, the Weather Underground embraced the 'By any means necessary' credo of Malcolm X. Armed and committed, they unleashed hell on the US government bombing army barracks, police stations and establishment buildings over a seven year period.

Making the top of the 'Most Wanted' list, the group hid out until the early 80s. Fatigue led many of them to ultimately turn themselves in but a few went on to even more dangerous acts and extended prison terms. Incredibly timely, truly exerting and extremely powerful, this is a landmark documentary.

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