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Celebrated photographer Shelby Lee Adams is in a precarious position. On one hand his work hangs in the most prestigious galleries worldwide; on the other he is heavily criticised for his subject matter. Born in Kentucky, Adams has, for more than 30 years, photographed the poorest, most isolated and uneducated folk of the Appalachian Mountains, Adams travels deep into hillbilly 'hollers' for his work, described by Vanety as, "large extended families living in primitive conditions on rural backroads, their faces wizened with age, scarred by fights or accidents, blank from birth defects."

Jennifer Baichwal's incredible film presents a carefully balanced appraisal of Adams that wowed audiences at the Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals. While Adams captures. "... shots that are classically composed and feature intncate, often chiaroscuro-gothic lighting, the results make these 'holler dwellers' look grotesque and pathetic, like backwoods Diane Arbus subjects." (Variety) Dark and mysterious, Adams' work conjures images from Deliverance but the artist makes a strong case for his work as the document of a vanishing sector of society. Controversial and compelling.