POWER TRIP (2003) [Feature]

Georgia/USA (MIFF 2003 , Documentaries)
Director: Paul Devlin

"In an environment of pervasive corruption, political assassinations, and street rioting, the story of chaotic post-Soviet transition is told through culture clash, electricity disconnections and blackouts. AES Corp., the massive North American 'global power company', has purchased the privatised electricity distribution company in Tbilsi, capital of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. AES manager Piers Lewis must now teach the formerly communist populace that in this new world, customers pay for their electricity. The Georgians, meanwhile, from meter readers to the Energy Minister, devise even more clever ways to get it for free. Amidst hot tempers and high drama, Lewis balances his love for the Georgian people with the hardships his company creates for them, as they struggle to build a nation from the rubble of Soviet collapse."'—Berlin Film Festival

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