LET EACH ONE GO WHERE HE MAY (2009) [feature]

USA/Suriname (MIFF 2010 , First Encounters)
Director: Ben Russell

A startling pilgrimage from the modern to the historical unfolds across the tropical landscape of Suriname.

This extraordinary feature debut from artist and experimental filmmaker Ben Russell (whose collected shorts were featured at MIFF 08) follows two Surinamese brothers on an epic journey through an ever-changing South American landscape.

Taking form in a series of near-silent ten minute scenes, Let Each One Go Where He May is at once a living recreation of the passage taken by Surinamese slaves throughout history and a subtle deconstruction of film ethnography.

Winner of the FIPRESCI jury prize at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

“I'd call myself an artist before I'd call myself a filmmaker.” - filmmaker Ben Russell

---D/P/S Ben Russell WS Ben Russell L Saramaccan w/English subtitles TD 16mm/2009

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