ACE ATTORNEY (2012) [feature]

Japan (MIFF 2012 , Accent on Asia)
Director: Takashi Miike

An exhilarating courtroom adventure from cult director Takashi Miike.

This big-budget film reflects the lighter side of the versatile Miike, whose recent films have run the gamut from samurai epic 13 Assassins (MIFF 11) to spaghetti western homage Sukiyaki Western Django (MIFF 07), via anime-inspired comedy Yatterman and family-friendly Ninja Kids!!!.

Based on the hugely popular Nintendo series, Ace Attorney is set in a futuristic courtroom where trials are fast-tracked to fight rising crime. Rookie defence lawyer Phoenix Wright is pitted against his childhood friend and ruthless prosecutor Miles Edgeworth in a complex case linked to a 15-year-old mystery.Never has courtroom sparring been so frenetic, as the two sides engage in tournament-like bouts to win over the jury. Full of twists and turns, visual gags and extravagant hairstyles, this crowd-pleaser should appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike.

“Colourful, funny and thoroughly entertaining…” - Screen Daily

D Takashi Miike P Nobuyuki Higashiyama, Naoto Hatakeyama, Misako Saka, Shigeji Maeda S Takeshi Iida, Sachiko Oguchi WS Nippon Television Network Corporation L Japanese w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2012

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