USA (MIFF 2012 , Documentaries)

"Essential viewing for those frustrated by the media's seeming inability to digest one of our moment's most important stories" - Hollywood Reporter

Having redefined civil disobedience for the digital age and attracted the attention of the masses with a series of audacious online protests and attacks, radical ‘hacktivist' collective Anonymous sheds at least some of its anonymity in this revealing documentary.

Detailing the progress of Anonymous from its inception on notorious website 4chan, the filmmakers provide a social and historical context from which the group has risen to become a global power collective that, despite being labelled criminal by the authorities, is as often as not viewed as a force for good: outing paedophiles, defending WikiLeaks and actively supporting the Arab Spring uprisings.

"We Are Legion might be the first to portray the group's members as true revolutionaries, and it could serve as a time capsule [of a] new model of civil disobedience across the globe." - Wired

Screens with the FOCUS FORWARD short Operation Free Lunch (China, 3 mins).

D/P/S Brian Knappenberger TD HD Cam/2012

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