THE BLINDFOLD (2011) [feature]

Indonesia (MIFF 2012 , Accent on Asia)
Director: Garin Nugroho

The story of three young people lured into a radical Islamic organisation.

Crisscrossing between the stories of Rima, a dynamic recruit whose ambition is soon thwarted by Islamic convention; the disaffected Jabir, who is looking for a way out of a cycle of poverty; and Asimah (played by the revered Indonesian actress Jajang C Noer), who desperately searches the streets for her kidnapped daughter, The Blindfold builds a powerful portrait of how the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in Indonesia is targeting the country's youth.

Shot in nine days (for security reasons), with a mix of professional and non-professional actors, The Blindfold sees veteran director Garin Nugroho (Opera Jawa, MIFF 07) dispense with his trademark use of allegory and metaphor in favour of a strikingly realistic storytelling style.

“This is one of the most important subjects for Indonesian society today.” - filmmaker Garin Nugroho

D Garin Nugroho P Asaf Antariksa, Endang Tirtana S Tri Sasongko WS SET Film Workshop L Indonesian w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2011

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