VULGARIA (2012) [feature]

Hong Kong (MIFF 2012 , Accent on Asia )
Director: Pang Ho-cheung

“Lewd, crude and flat-out hilarious.” - Twitch

Coming from the island that brought us the blockbuster hit 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, this parody of the Hong Kong film industry lives up to the expectations of such distinguished cinematic company. Holding court in a theatre full of film students, veteran producer To Wai-cheung (Chapman To, A World Without Thieves, MIFF 05) recounts the depths he has plumbed to get a hit on the big screen. Offal-eating gangsters, ageing porn stars and inter-species romance all get a look-in, and one wonders how much director Pang Ho-cheung (Love in a Puff, MIFF 10) is using metaphor and how much is a straight reflection on the industry.

Shot in traditional Hong Kong style - on a shoestring budget and a filming schedule of just 12 days - the tone implied by the title perfectly suits this film that sends up the very beast that spawned it.

“Having spent much of his career filtering good humour through very bad taste, writer-director Pang Ho-cheung delivers arguably his naughtiest picture to date.” - Screen

Rated MA15+

D Pang Ho-cheung P Subi Liang, Pang Ho-cheung S Pang Ho-cheung, Lam Chiu-wing, Luk Yee-sum Dist China Lion Film Ent. L Cantonese w/English subtitles TD DCP/2012

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