Taiwan (MIFF 2012 , Accent on Asia)
Director: Wei Te-sheng

“Spectacular... authentic feeling actioner recounting an aborigine rebellion in 1930s Taiwan.” - Hollywood Reporter

Continuing the resplendently mythic visage of part 1, this conclusion to Warriors of the Rainbow blends tropes from Westerns, war movies and samurai films into a wildly ambitious finale befitting the most expensive Taiwanese film ever made.

With the initial uprising successful beyond imagining, Mouna Rudo (played as an adult by the domineering Lin Ching-tai in an impressive debut performance) and his Seediq Bale - heroes of the tribe - must now face a reinvigorated Japanese army intent on crushing the rebellion. With superior forces and technology at their disposal, the Japanese quickly gain the upper hand, but the Seediq Bale remain firm in the belief that their ancestors will lead them over the legendary rainbow bridge, resulting in victory no matter the final outcome.

“A brilliant piece of emotionally effective cinema.” - Twitch

D/S Wei Te-sheng P John Woo, Jimmy Huang Dist Monster Pictures L Seediq, Japanese, Taiwanese Hokkien, Mandarin Chinese w/English subtitles TD DCP/2011

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