USA (MIFF 2011 , This Sporting Life)
Director: Liz Garbus

"Chess and me - it's hard to take them apart." - Bobby Fischer.

A Grandmaster by the age of 16, Bobby Fischer was to many the greatest chess player who ever lived. A prodigal superstar to adoring fans, and an enigmatic presence whose madness overtook his genius, his trajectory saw him reduced to a reclusive conspiracy theorist and eventually a fugitive from the US government, paranoid and on the verge of mental breakdown.

Liz Garbus's gripping film is the first documentary portrait on Fischer, centered around the 1972 'Match of the Century' showdown with Russian master Boris Spassky, where Fischer's amazing mind remained the hope of a nation needing to prove itself against a political foe.

"A complex and fascinating portrait of genius wasted." - Hollywood Reporter

D Liz Garbus P Liz Garbus, Stanley Buchthal, Rory Kennedy, Matthew Justus Dist Madman Entertainment L English, Russian w/English subtitles TD digibeta/2011

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