AN AUTUMN AFTERNOON (G) (1962) [feature]

Japan (MIFF 2011 , MIFF 60th Retrospective)
Director: Yasujiro Ozu

"In its exquisite refinement of Ozu's style and themes, and its general air of nostalgia and loss, An Autumn Afternoon does in fact feel like a summation of his career." - Criterion

Hirayama (Ozu regular Chishu Ryu), an aging widower living with his two grown children, is forced to consider marrying off his daughter before she falls into a life of spinsterhood in Yasujiro Ozu's 1962 classic, An Autumn Afternoon. With a family bond that edges toward a deep co-dependence, the notion of separation strikes Hirayama as simply another death in the family.

Japanese master Ozu's final film before his death the following year, An Autumn Afternoon tells an intimate domestic story reminiscent of his earlier masterpiece Late Spring. An elliptically and delicately told tale of transition and loss, this is a magisterial work of controlled beauty.

D Yasujiro Ozu P Shizuo Yamanouchi S Kogo Noda, Yasujiro Ozu WS Shochiku L Japanese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/1962

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