OUTSIDE SATAN (2011) [feature]

France (MIFF 2011 , International Panorama)
Director: Bruno Dumont

"Maddening, pretentious, hypnotic and transcendent in roughly equal measure" - Variety

On France's windswept Côte d'Opale, The Guy, toting a rifle, roams the desolate landscape. He is accompanied by a goth-styled waif, The Girl. Together, these strange travelling companions lurch between shocking violence and lifesaving miracles.

In Outside Satan, French provocateur and Cannes fixture Bruno Dumont (Flanders, MIFF 2006; The Life of Jesus, MIFF 1998) has made a stark, tripped-out spiritual allegory that recalls the work of Robert Bresson. The origins of The Guy are ambiguous. The Girl is captivated by his dangerous mystique. Murder, resurrection and lurid sex spill from the screen and we are left uncertain whether the frightening Guy is an evil psychic manifestation or a twisted messiah.

"There's an immediate sense each step takes them closer to a dark moral abyss." - Slant Magazine

D/S Bruno Dumont P Jean Brehat, Rachid Bouchareb, Muriel Merlin WS Pyramide International L French w/ English subtitles TD DCP/2011

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