EVERYBODY IN OUR FAMILY (2012) [feature]

Netherlands,Romania (MIFF 2013 , TeleScope)
Director: Radu Jude

"A violent, funny and disconcerting vision of a familial argument turned into actual slugfest." – RogerEbert.com

Divorced father Marius, a man packing more than literal baggage, plans to take his daughter Sofia camping. But when he picks the girl up from her mother's apartment, arguments with his ex-wife and her new boyfriend soon escalate into a conflict that spirals out of control into absurd violence.

Revelling in the spasms of a deeply dysfunctional family and shot largely in the confines of an oppressive apartment, this kinetic drama is interspersed with flashes of dark comedy as modern stresses are shown to drive very base responses of fight or flight.

"An irresistibly well-acted venture that pulls you in quick and keeps you enthralled to its final few minutes." – ioncinema.com

D Radu Jude P Ada Solomon, Stienette Bloskopper S Radu Jude, Corina Sabau WS Films Boutique L Romanian w/ English subtitles TD DCP/2012

Please note: tickets sales for this online screening close on Monday 29 July, 3.30pm.

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