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"A coming-of-age tale with an uncommon twist, The Unspeakable Act approaches its subject with disarming candor. Tender and incisive, the film lingers on taboo desires, and unfolds them gently to reveal the confused love at their heart." – Film Comment

Jackie Kimball is an average 17-year-old girl, with one exception: she's desperately in love with her brother, Matthew. She's also not shy in letting him know, and although he doesn't reciprocate her feelings, he doesn't exactly rebuff her either. But with Matthew getting ready to leave for college, and himself falling in love (with another girl), Jackie has to face the reality of life without him.

Written and directed by film critic/filmmaker Dan Sallitt, The Unspeakable Act is dedicated to Eric Rohmer but owes as much to Jean Eustache and John Cassavetes for its literate and detailed, measured style. Smart and boldly assured, it follows Jackie as she articulately discusses her emotions with Matthew, and with her psychologist, ultimately positing the unspeakable - and uncommitted - act of the title as a metaphor for growing up.

"Improbably touching … The Unspeakable Act is an affirmation of Sallitt's originality, bravery, and commitment as a filmmaker." – Film Comment

D/S Dan Sallitt P Shari Berman, Ania Trzebiatowska, Jaime Christley WS Static Productions TD HD Cam/2012