WRONG TIME WRONG PLACE (2012) [feature]

Netherlands (MIFF 2013 , Documentaries)
Director: John Appel

Many will ask why Anders Breivik went on his killing spree. Many still ask why they didn't die.

Acclaimed Dutch documentarian John Appel had the germ of an idea: to make a film about coincidence and fate. The 2011 Norwegian massacre, which took 77 lives between the Oslo bombing and the shootings on the holiday camp island of Utøya, was so inexplicable it proved a suitably haunting subject.

Appel's eerie footage of the now-deserted Utøya contextualises the recollections of survivors and families left behind. Ritah, a Ugandan refugee pregnant at the time of the shootings, credits her son with her survival; Harald, mourning his recently deceased son, was supposed to be on leave but decided to go to his office in Oslo; Natia remembers the choice faced by her friend Tamta, who couldn't swim: a man with a gun behind her, deadly water in front of her. In each case, seemingly trivial moments and decisions become portentous.

Eschewing conventional reportage in favour of seeking meaning in the face of madness and order in the detail of consequence, Wrong Time Wrong Place is an intriguing investigation of chance and, ultimately, a hopeful and empathetic tribute to the dead and to the survivors.

D John Appel P Carmen Cobos WS Films Transit L English, Norwegian, Georgian w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2012

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