ANINA (2013) [feature]

(MIFF 2014 )
Director: Alfredo Soderguit

"Lively, witty and full of heart ... destined to become a classic." – Indiewire

Anina Yasay Salas has a big problem: her name. It reads the same forwards and backwards, and the other kids at school tease her for having a palindrome for a name. When Anina gets into a fight with fellow outsider Yisel, both girls are given an envelope containing their punishment, which they aren't allowed to open for seven days. Unable to look at her own, Anina decides to steal Yisel's – although she might not like what she discovers.

Beautifully animated and filled to the brim with humour and empathy, Anina is the debut feature from animator Alfredo Soderguit. Uruguay's submission for the 2014 Foreign Language Film Oscar, Anina is a warm, whip-smart film that speaks to both children and adults.

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