Between Heaven and Earth is an original immersive production from the Société des Arts Technologiques for Canada's First Nations.

Between Heaven and Earth is a kind of pendulum that oscillates between ancestral indigenous cultures of Canada and their mutations in the digital era. This visual production by Jean Ranger, Bernar Hébert and Renée Claude Riendeau is a contemplative voyage onto the heart of the earth; a return to the ancient sources of Canada's First Nations in six tableaus where reality and imagination are intimately linked.

Contemporary indigenous artists (Samian, Odaya, Gaétan Gingras, Sophie Lavigne, Akinisie, Sylvia Cloutier, Sylvie-Anne Siouï Trudel) take part in this original production, which shows present-day indigenous reality while at the same time plunging into the past. The film was first presented during the DOMAGAYA event: The Meeting of Aboriginal Cultures and Digital Arts.

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