BUZZARD (2014) [feature]

(MIFF 2014 )
Director: Joel Potrykus

"Potrykus has fashioned a vigorous and strangely compelling character study, a sustained burst of punk-rock ferocity, and one of the most original American films to emerge in some time." – Village Voice

Marty Jackitansky is a misanthropic temp who dedicates himself to cheating the system whenever he can. When his latest plan looks like it's going to backfire, he holes up in the basement of his co-worker and fellow man-child Derek. Here, the pair sink into a private world of horror movies, retro video games and paranoia that threatens to unravel Marty's flimsy ideals completely.

In this final instalment of his animal trilogy (begun with 2010 short Coyote and continued in 2012 feature Ape), director Joel Potrykus riffs on junk-food culture and nerd aggression, Leos Carax and Stanley Kubrick, as he teams once again with his fascinating long-time acting collaborator Josh Burge for a depressingly hilarious satire on wage slavery.

"What's so wonderful about Potrykus' film is how it transcends genres and cinematic class distinctions to form something that's as bizarrely goofy as it is brilliantly crafted." – BlackBook

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