CURTAIN CALL (2014) [feature]

(MIFF 2014 )

The children's theatre versus the evil property developer. It's a story fit for a pantomime.

Fifty years ago, Terry and Carole Ann Gill arrived from the UK to make it big in show business in Australia. Their lives took an unexpected turn when they bought a theatre by the name of Tivoli in Melbourne's south-east. Turning it into Australia's most beloved pantomime theatre, the Gills have delighted generations of children, but now they might lose their life's work to a real estate mogul.

Curtain Call is a warm-hearted portrait of the larger-than-life Gills, now in their 70s, a couple who have defied the odds at every turn to follow their passion. Filmmakers Justin Olstein and Eleanor Sharpe bring to vivid life these two irrepressible oddballs to reveal a story of unlikely love, impossible dedication and a theatre for which they're prepared to sacrifice everything.

World Premiere
Justin Olstein, Eleanor Sharpe and the Gills are festival guests.

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