DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND (2014) [feature]

(MIFF 2014 )
Director: Rachel Ward

A series sequel to Fred Schepisi's 1976 film The Devil's Playground, revisiting the characters 35 years later.

The multi-award winning The Devil's Playground, a semi-autobiographical work featuring Simon Burke as a 13-year-old Catholic schoolboy called Tom Allen, was Fred Schepisi's first film. Nearly four decades later, Burke returns to the role that launched his career, alongside a cast that includes Toni Collette, Don Hany and Jack Thompson.

Set in 1988, the now-adult Tom Allen works as a psychiatrist and secular confessor to the clergy. He soon finds himself entangled in political and theological intrigue as he delves deep into Australia's Catholic Church.

Directed by Rachel Ward (Martha's New Coat, MIFF 2003), this psychological thriller for Foxtel is a timely, topical follow-up to a significant slice of Australian cinema. MIFF will screen the first two episodes.

Simon Burke is a festival guest.

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