(MIFF 2014 )
Director: Gabe Klinger

"This dialogue between an established indie filmmaker and a pillar of contemporary experimental cinema [is] a sort of cinephile's utopia, a rare example of understanding and appreciation between commercial and avant-garde film." – Senses of Cinema

Over a weekend in Austin, Texas, filmmakers Richard Linklater (Boyhood, MIFF 2014; A Scanner Darkly, MIFF 2006) and James Benning (Ruhr, MIFF 2011) get together to discuss their distinct approaches to cinema and their long-time friendship, and to play some baseball. The conversation is interspersed with clips from their seminal works, as the film gains never-before-seen insights into the inner workings of American cinema's most significant outsiders.

The directorial debut of respected film critic Gabe Klinger, Double Play turns viewers into flies on the wall, observing two masters comparing war stories. It is not just their similarities but also their differences that illuminate: Benning sees his role as solitary, Linklater sees it as the coach of a team. Part of the decades-long Cinéma de notre temps series, Double Play is as much a masterclass in film editing as it is an intelligent meditation on ageing; it's a must for dedicated cinema fans.

Winner of the Best Documentary on Cinema award at the Venice Film Festival.

For more contextual information on the film, the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Melbourne has prepared a study guide, which you can read here.

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