THE IMP (1981) [feature]

(MIFF 2014 )
Director: Dennis Yu

"One of the all-time genre greats from its native country." – Beyond Bollywood

Among the most significant directors of the Hong Kong New Wave, horror helmer Dennis Yu had an inimitable eye for the rhythms of the city's life and in The Imp he twisted them savagely to create a legitimately unnerving re-imagination of the Cantonese supernatural. Forgoing the more comedic excesses of much Hong Kong horror for a dark and menacing atmosphere, The Imp offers a fascinating, hair-raising taste of a ground-breaking time in Hong Kong's filmmaking history.

Down on his luck, Cheung has a baby on the way and a very disgruntled wife to go with it. Desperate to find work, he takes a position as a night watchman, but when a number of his fellow employees start turning up dead, a Taoist ghostbuster must uncover the evil spirits and save Cheung's family.

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