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"Takashi Miike hits a home run with an irresistible cops and yakuza romp ... Two hours of pure energy." – Hollywood Reporter

Takashi Miike (Ace Attorney, MIFF 2012; 13 Assassins, MIFF 2011), the impeccably prolific, unclassifiable bad boy of Japanese cinema, returns with The Mole Song: Undercover Agent Reiji, a gaudy, glittering and very, very weird live-action adaptation of Noboru Takahashi's beloved manga series.

Incompetent and bumbling, rookie cop Reiji is dispatched on a suicide mission to infiltrate a local yakuza clan. However, when clan deputy Crazy Papillon takes a shine to him, Reiji's career begins advancing rather faster than anticipated and soon he's going to have to work out exactly who it is he's working for – and who he's going to kill.

Surreal, irrepressible and always larger-than-life, The Mole Song is Miike in rare form, where anything could happen and not even the rules of cinema are sacred.

"Mole Song is, with its extreme violence, hectic pace, incomprehensible storyline and surreal comic touches, a welcome return to the lurid delirium that has now been firmly implanted as the prolific Miike's trademark." – Senses of Cinema