THE NIGHTINGALE (2013) [feature]

(MIFF 2014 )
Director: Philippe Muyl

Look up from the iPad for a moment. You never know what you're missing.

Urbane and affluent 10-year-old Renxing immerses herself day and night in a brightly lit world of handheld electronic devices. When her parents leave on separate business trips, Renxing has to accompany her grandfather on a trip through the Chinese countryside to his tiny hometown, far from both reception and electricity. Renxing can't bear the thought of leaving the city, but soon discovers the joys of living offline.

A timeless tale of intergenerational misunderstanding with a modern edge, The Nightingale is the latest offering from French filmmaker Philippe Muyl. Ravishingly shot and filled with heart, Muyl reminds us that even in the age of Wikipedia there is plenty that the oldest can teach the youngest – and vice versa.

MIFF recommends ages 10+

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