WATCHERS OF THE SKY (2014) [feature]

(MIFF 2014 )
Director: Edet Belzberg

"This smartly and conscientiously crafted film is a powerful wake-up call, heard but not yet implemented, by the ‘civilized' world." – Hollywood Reporter

Raphael Lemkin was unable to convince his parents to flee Nazi-occupied Poland, and they eventually perished in a concentration camp. With no existing word suitable to describe the horrors of what he saw, Lemkin was forced to invent his own: genocide.

Using Lemkin's extraordinary life as a launching point, director Edet Belzberg explores the concept and implications of this simple but terrifying word. From Darfur to Turkey, Rwanda to Kosovo, Watchers of the Sky looks at why these atrocities happen, and how much of the world turns a blind eye.

"Beautiful in its art, animation, compassion and richness. A substantive and learned work that is ... certainly the best documentary so far this year." – Indiewire

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