ACTRESS (2014) [Feature]

USA (MIFF 2015 , Documentaries)
Director: Robert Greene

Brandy Burre is an actress, mother, housewife and partner. Now watch those roles collide in this innovative film.

Fans of HBO crime saga The Wire will know Brandy Burre as the flinty political strategist Theresa D'Agostino. Director and critic Robert Greene (who also edited 7 Chinese Brothers and Queen of Earth, both screening in this year's festival) knows her as a neighbour, a devoted mother of two, a loving partner. In this absorbing vérité melodrama of one woman's life, Burre discovers she might not know herself.

Greene finds Burre yearning to return to acting, and subtle but piercing vignettes captured in cars, in kitchens, on park benches, slowly reveal her growing anxiety about her position and identity and future.

Sharply observed, this critically acclaimed hybrid docudrama emerges as a telling rumination on fading opportunities, domestic drudgery and the absurdity of unearthing your own truth when you're paid to pretend.

"One of the best documentaries I've ever seen ... fast, alive, ever-changing." – Vulture

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