ROBOT OVERLORDS (2014) [Feature]

UK (MIFF 2015 , Next Gen)
Director: Jon Wright

"Robot Overlords displays … knowing intelligence, [a] sense of fun and deep-rooted love for post-70s genre film." – Empire

Three years after the conquest of Earth by giant alien robots, the human survivors remain prisoners in their own homes, their subjugation ensured thanks to electronic implants that track their every move; any attempt to escape results in immediate incineration. When teenager Sean and his friends discover a way to temporarily disable the implants, they set out on a perilous mission through mechanoid-infested streets to find Sean's missing father.

Director Jon Wright follows his award-winning sci-fi horror comedy Grabbers with more family-friendly alien robot fun in Robot Overlords. Sporting imaginative FX, a smart and witty script, and a strong cast that includes Gillian Anderson, Ben Kingsley and Australia's Callan McAuliffe, this is a fresh take on dystopian YA fare.

"Never less than amiable, and rather more spirited and nonconformist than the Transformers movies." – The Guardian

MIFF recommends ages 12+

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