Germany,Philippines (MIFF 2015 , Accent on Asia)
Director: Khavn de la Cruz

"The bewildering visuals and punk-opera soundtrack expertly convey a world that extends far beyond dialogue." – Indiewire

Of all of the world's underground filmmakers, there are few as singular or bombastic as Filipino cine-punk Khavn de la Cruz; his films kaleidoscopes of violence, sharp cuts and no-budget aesthetic. Ruined Heart: Another Lovestory Between a Criminal and a Whore is his most ambitious work yet.

A hit man (iconic Japanese actor Asano Tadanobu, from Zatoichi, MIFF 2004) and a prostitute meet in the alleyways of Manila and proceed to flee the scene of a crime, encountering antagonists and an orgy along the way. Dialogue-free, the film's spellbinding story is told almost entirely through music (from German electro-punk band Stereo Total, and the director himself), colour and action. Frantically, kinetically shot by legendary Australian-born cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Happy Together, MIFF 1997), Ruined Heart: Another Lovestory Between a Criminal and a Whore is the kind of experience that could only be had at a film festival.

"This audaciously hallucinogenic, crypto-pornographic fable of the night will not be for everyone. But for film goers who like their action dark, seething and drenched in bodily fluids, Ruined Heart is sure to appeal." – The Society for Film

Khavn de la Cruz is a festival guest.

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