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"It's like Best in Show but for coffee." – barista Eden-Marie Abramowicz

It's a subject dear to the hearts of many Melburnians: Coffee. Documentary filmmaker Rock Baijnauth takes audiences inside the hyper-competitive, pressure-cooker environment of the annual United States' Barista championships, following the finalists in the 2013 competition – Ryan, Charles, Truman, Eden-Marie and Charlie – as they push the envelope of caffeine perfection and battle for supremacy.

Barista is an enlightening glimpse into the art and artisan obsession of producing a flawless cup of coffee. More than a mere tournament documentary, it also delves into the sommelier-like (caffelier?) creativity of coffee craft and the inherent disconnect between it and the commercial realities of our morning's caffeination.

"Zippy, energetic and colorful." – Variety


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Screens with Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary.