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"A vibrant portrait of academic unrest that changes, against seemingly impossible odds, into an experimental romantic comedy." – Indiewire

At the University of Barcelona, a real-life philology professor conducts lectures on Dante, Machiavelli and the gender politics inherent in the dynamic between artist and muse. Beyond the classroom, he continues this line of enquiry just as passionately, both at home with his wife and with a number of his female students in cafes and on field trips. But is his interest in these conversations purely academic, or does he have ulterior motives?

Part documentary, part constructed fiction, The Academy of Muses – the latest work by acclaimed filmmaker José Luis Guerín (In the City of Sylvia) – is a gratifyingly intellectual and wryly funny examination of desire and hypocrisy.

Winner of the Golden Giraldillo for best film at the 2015 Seville European Film Festival.

"With its singular thematic focus, where just about every word relates back to the defining features of a muse, or to love, or to romance, The Academy of Muses recalls Eric Rohmer at his vintage best." – The House Next Door