USA,Netherlands,Kenya (MIFF 2016 , Virtual Reality)

"If scientific efforts to save the rhino aren't successful, we hope The Ark can give future generations a way to experience what it was like to be in the presence of these animals." – director Kel O'Neill

The northern white rhino is the world's most endangered animal. When Emmy-nominated filmmakers Eline Jongsma and Kel O'Neill began shooting The Ark, their VR documentary about the fight to save this magnificent creature, there were seven left; today there are only three, each protected 24/7 by armed bodyguards!

Following the efforts of two scientists on opposite sides of the world who are both committed to saving the rhino, The Ark takes us inside the US lab where stem cell technology is being investigated as a part Jurassic Park, part IV means of salvation; we also visit the Kenyan Conservation Park where Dr Stephen Ngulu fights day and night to protect the world's three remaining rhinos.

Awarded the inaugural Tim Hetherington Trust Visionary Award, The Ark's cutting-edge technology places viewers eye-to-eye with the last remaining northern white rhinos on the planet, offering them a tangible, empathetic experience as it does.

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