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Mahinder Watsa is 93 years old and the Mumbai Mirror's resident sexpert. Vaishali Sinha introduces us to a man who's heard it all and is fighting for a fairer, freer and more loved-up India.

Since 1976, Mahinder Watsa has been India's foremost sexologist, a straight-talking skewerer of tradition and superstition who has dished out frank and funny sex advice to generations of confused Indians. His profile is huge, his fans legion, and their constant arrival on his doorstep an impediment to daily life. But one doesn't talk about sex in India without making a few enemies, and one hardcore conservative activist will do whatever he can to shut Mahinder down.

From up-and-coming documentarian Vaishali Sinha comes Ask the Sexpert, a deliciously tongue-in-cheek profile piece that masks a deadly serious core. In a country where sexual confusion is rife, misogyny is ingrained and child abuse is at epidemic levels, Watsa is a one-man army of information and understanding, and Sinha's film lays bare the life-and-death stakes behind his smiling façade.