USA (MIFF 2017 , Sci-Fi)
Director: Don Siegel

'This sci-fi inflected 1956 horror movie may come to be seen as the defining metaphorical work of the twentieth century.' – Time Out

In the town of Santa Mira, Dr Miles Bennell has encountered numerous patients each convinced that their relatives have been replaced with identical imposters. Growing suspicious, Miles begins to investigate the mystery, and discovers there’s no mass hysteria at play: this is the beginning of an alien invasion, and one that may be too far gone to stop.

This science-fiction classic from director Don Siegel (The Line Up, MIFF 1998) is considered one of the most powerful allegorical works of the McCarthy era, featuring alien villains indistinguishable from our friends and neighbours. As a thriller, it's one of the most effectively tense films of all time, with a terrifying ending that quickly became the stuff of legend. Listed by the American Film Institute as one of the top 10 best science-fiction films ever made, its themes are – alarmingly! – still as applicable in the Trump and Brexit era as they were half a century ago.

'Few modern-day movies are more genuinely frightening.' – Wall Street Journal

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