New Zealand (MIFF 2017 , True Crime)
Director: Annie Goldson

In 2012, the capture of the internet's most wanted criminal launched a court case that divided the world.

Kim Dotcom was the figure behind MegaUpload, once one of the internet's biggest piracy sites. He lived lavishly, with a gigantic gaudy mansion plastered with his personal logo. But this lifestyle ended when authorities with automatic weapons descended on his house in an elaborate raid, arresting the pirate in front of his family. Dotcom was turned into a minor folk hero, creating a maelstrom of debate over the freedom of information. Did Dotcom's crimes merit this level of attention, or was he the victim of an unprecedented overreaction? This documentary reveals the truth(s) behind the myths and fables surrounding the notorious case.

The latest film from director Annie Goldson (Brother Number One, MIFF 2011) examines everything from Dotcom's extraordinary life story to the broader questions of intellectual property in the age of the internet. It's a complex work that has divided audiences into those who believe Dotcom is the victim of an overzealous cash-focused government, and those who believe him to be a shameless exploiter making money off stolen work. At a time when everything is digital and instantly replicable, what does it actually mean to own something?

'Provides a fascinating albeit extreme illustration of the intersection between fame, greed, copyright and technology in the internet age.' – Variety

Director Annie Goldson will be at both sessions to introduce the film and take part in a post-screening Q&A.

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