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Character arcs reveal the meaning of a film. The slow disintegration of T.S. Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia, the transition from injustice to justice in Erin Brockovich, Leon's change from adultery to reconciliation in Lantana, Ron's transformation from homophobe to AIDS advocate in Dallas Buyers Club, the bittersweet movement from obscurity to success in La La Land, or from fame to obscurity in Birdman; all allow audiences to connect to the characters and the films' themes.

Once you have a unique protagonist and a distinctive voice, how do you create a believable and organic arc for your character that fully links them to the structure and theme of the story? This workshop offers ways to create dramatic, comic, and suspenseful decisions that will move your characters two steps forward, one step back, towards a resolution that is believable and satisfying.

Please note: Tickets for this event are non-refundable and unable to be exchanged. MIFF passes are not valid for this event.