AMER (2009) [Feature]

France,Belgium (MIFF 2018 , Cattet / Forzani)

The stylistic traditions and violent wonders of Italy’s famed giallo films take centrestage in Cattet and Forzani’s frenzied psychosexual genre tribute.

Psychedelic imagery, thrilling suspense and sexual tension dance together on a razor’s edge in this sumptuously designed film. Amer is the story of a woman, Ana, played by three actresses across three stages of her life, whose rebellious curiosity leads to her being haunted by an ominous figure in black.

Eschewing almost all dialogue, Cattet and Forzani instead choose to let their deliriously atmospheric homage play out across immaculately crafted visual compositions. Awash in over-saturated greens, blues and reds, with no shortage of close-ups of blades on flesh, Amer takes the very essence of giallo and transforms it into something altogether new and exciting, winning several international awards including Sitges’ New Visions Award.

"Amer, which means ‘bitter’ in French, is a bravura exploration of fear and desire, a visual tour de force composed of cropped images, strobe cuts, bizarre psychological twists and a steamy sensuality." – Los Angeles Times

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