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Behind the Curve


Journey to the centre of the Flat Earth movement, where the only thing they fear is sphere itself.

If you thought belief in a flat Earth had been left behind in the dark ages, think again! In a world of fake news, science denial and anti-intellectualism, a resurgent Flat Earth movement is taking its place at the top of the conspiracy food chain. Leading the charge are Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere: staunch believers in a massive cover-up by "the powers that should not be" (definitely NASA, probably the government but also maybe Jews or the Vatican), they are articulate and charismatic evangelists for a new disc-world order.

Director Daniel J Clark ventures into the midst of this globe-busting community to investigate its astonishing rise, and the psychological foundations that keep its adherents going. Among the dedicated dating sites, pseudoscientific experiments and celebrity members (including NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving and rapper B.O.B, who has released a song challenging the roundness of the planet) there is also discord as diehard conspiracy theorists cannot help but see conspiracies everywhere – even within their own ranks. Refraining from ridicule, Clark brings genuine curiosity and compassion to his portrait of people who want to believe, while balancing their outlandish ideas with input from psychologists and astrophysicists.

"Behind the Curve offers portraits of flat earthers as human beings who are worthy of our respect, and it makes a compelling case for empathy and dialogue." – Vice