RELAXER (2018) [Feature]

USA (MIFF 2018 , North America,International)
Director: Joel Potrykus

"Milk vomit and Pac-Man: Joel Potrykus’ Relaxer is a masterpiece of depraved ’90s nostalgia." – IndieWire

One of the true originals of 21st-century American punk cinema, Michigan provocateur Joel Potrykus (Buzzard, MIFF 2014) returns with what might be his finest hour: a skuzzy Y2K flashback that captures the cultural detritus of the turn of the millennium, and is both absurdly funny and disturbing in its social critique.

It’s the middle of 1999 and deadbeat gamer Abbi (the director’s longtime collaborator Joshua Burge) is challenged by his bullying older brother to stay glued to the sofa until he’s beaten the infamous level 256 on Pac-Man. Abbi accepts and even as the days wear down toward the impending digital apocalypse of 00:00 2000, he plays on in a claustrophobic living room, a shirtless man-child chugging baby bottles of milk, taunted by his idiot friends and sliding into an existential universe as weird as it is grotesque.

"An unsettling and unapologetic comedy of untold horrors. A borderline masterpiece of WTF insanity, films that are simultaneously this absurd and this watchable are a feat." – The Film Stage

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